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About Foam America

Founded on January 1, 1983

Foam America was started in 1983 in Las Cruces NM and after over thirty-five years of being in business in the same area and we are still thriving today. We have a long and trusted history in the roofing business with homeowners, builders and commercial businesses throughout Southwest NM and El Paso TX.

Foam America specializes in the Polyurethane Foam roofing and coating systems for flat roofs, metal roofs of all sizes. By only doing and specializing in one area of the roofing industry we have developed and defined the ways to seal different styles of roofs efficiently and securely the first time. (No more leaks)

Spray Polyurethane Foams (SPF) have been used for over “Fifty” years as a high-performance insulation material and vapor retarders. Because the SPF is sprayed on as a liquid and then expands on the surface, it is able to get into the cracks and crevices to seal watertight. SPF Foam density is measured in pounds (lbs) and open or closed cell.

Open cell is used on interior needs and should never be used on roofs as it will soak up moisture. Roofs are done using SPF in a range from 2.5 to 3.0 with the lower number being a less dense foam. Foam America only uses closed cell 3 lb. SPF, always ask for closed cell 3 lb foam to insure the better product for your home.

Foam is a lightweight method to secure your roof as at a rate of one inch it will add a weight of approximately 50 pounds per square (10 x 10) as compared to approximately 600 pounds for conventional roofing materials.

Foam is flexible and can be sprayed on irregular surfaces and shaped roofs. SPF is seamless and takes shape of what it is sprayed onto. This allows for a continuous surface across your whole roof with no seams or joints.

Foam is a good insulator for your home. An inch of foam depending on the manufacturer can range in an R Value of 6.86 to 7.14.

Foam America has the team, trucks and equipment to professionally fulfill your needs whether your spray needs are for Elastomeric or Silicone coatings and Polyurethane Foam. We will provide you with a complete estimate free of charge.

We are Insured and Bonded. We are members of BBB, Las Cruces Home Builders Assoc, NFIB and Builders Trust

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